Easter Egg Monsters!

Tissue paper nightmare!

It is the week before the Greek Easter and my baby brother is home from school for two weeks! That means I get to babysit. He knows I love arts and crafts so he suggested we do some Easter Egg Monsters! He got the idea from an arts & crafts book. The book suggested making cute Easter bunnies with the egg shells or monsters, but since he is a 6-year old boy Easter Egg Monsters was the order of the day!

Easter Egg MonstersSo we saved egg halves like the book suggested, I washed them, dried them, got white glue and tissue paper and we were ready to begin. Trying to glue back together egg halves with white glue is a terrible idea! They just don’t stay together. In the end I taped them together. The tape was covered anyway. Trying to cover the eggs with white glue and tissue paper is another terrible idea. Who ever came up with it should be shot! I know I wanted to shoot myself for following their advice. The tissue paper just melts in the glue, sticks more to your fingers that to the egg and even when you manage to get it to stay on the egg it looks horrible even after the glue has dried. Doesn’t cover very well either. As you can see from the pictures in some cases you can still see the egg even though it’s covered with 3 or 4 layers of tissue paper. My brother got bored with this part pretty easily and left me to my own devices after the first egg! We made a total of 6 monsters and it took me most of the morning to get them covered with tissue paper. Conclusion: next time I will stick to plain old water and flour glue and newspaper strips and then just paint the eggs. The green egg was painted by my brother; it’s his favorite.

Easter Egg MonstersWhen the eggs were finally dried came the real fun part. Decorating them. Making eyes and mouths and horns and hair decorations. He absolutely loved it! It was pretty late in the afternoon when we took the pictures you see here, hence the dark shadows. He enjoyed that part too. Propping them up in the grass proved a challenge that brought on a lot of giggles. He is really proud of the result and everyone who visits the house gets a tour around the dinning table where they are now displayed. All in all I would do this little project again but stay away from the tissue paper! :)


Easter Egg Monsters

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